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Name: LW12
Product catalog: LW12 series

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LW12 apply to change over of circuits,also for control of electrical measuring in struments and control of motors.
Technical paramenters
Rated insulation current Ui V     500
Rated thermal current ITH A   16  
Rated working voltage Ue V 220   380
Rted working current Le        
AC-15   A 4.6   2.6
DC-13   A 0.27    
DC-3   A     12
DC-4   A     12
Mechnical life 
Mechanical life without load:0.3×106times,operation frequency is 120 times/h. 
Mechanical life with load:AC-15为0.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 
DC-13为0.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 
AC-3为0.1×106times operation frequency is 300 times/h. 
AC-4为0.1×106times operation frequency is 120 times/h.
Dimensions and installation

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