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UPS Battery charger power supply

    UPS Battery Charger Power Supply Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

    Well known as the best UPS battery charger power supply manufacturers in China, we at Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation strive towards perfection when it comes to charging specifications of a battery. Most and in a way all batteries lose their power supplying ability if they are either over-charged or used when they are under the minimal level of charge required for operation. This ultimately affects the life of the battery. We develop the best type of chargers to keep away the risk of over-charging the UPS batteries and keeping them high on their performance. By lessening the vulnerability of hampering the battery life due to improper charging or discharging, we are largely responsible for the longevity of the devices.
    As far as the IT or the electronics domain is concerned, there are different charging requirements for different devices. Not all of them need the same levels of charge and neither all of them discharge at the same rate. This factor largely depends on the functionality that a device delivers. We provide the perfect custom designed UPS battery charger power supply that best suits the changing needs of the device. However small or large or decimal specific the charging requirement may be, we have the expertise to develop just the perfect UPS battery chargers for any type of charging requirement.
    Over the years of our excellent service in the electronics domain, we have identified and analysed the pulse of almost all types of electronic gadgets and thus have gained all the expertise required to develop the right charger for the right devices. Our efficient battery chargers doesn’t just work towards providing optimum and precise amount of charging to the devices but it also saves a lot of electricity. These attributes of our products has earned us the reputation as the best UPS Battery Charger Power Supply Suppliers in China and with our consistent improvement in our products and rigorous research, we are still marching ahead towards becoming the world’s best suppliers for UPS Battery Charger Power Supply.

  • UPS Battery charger power supply
    Wattage: 35W-155W
    Features: Universal AC input / Full range
      Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
      Battery low  protections
      Cooling by free air convection
  • Total 1Page8A