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Switching power supply

    Switching Power Supply Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

    Switching Power Supply products have always remained a major concern. It determines how efficiently the power resources are utilised and does a lot to save the much needed electrical power in the long run. Keeping this noble cause in mind, power switching products have always been developed with proper technology that can actually take care of the efficiency of the power consumption. Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation takes care of this concern on an extensive level. Being one of the best switching power supply manufacturers and suppliers in China, it is justifies its reputation through the flawless switching power supply, power inverters and rotary switch products which are a result of rigorous research and engineering work done at the backend.
    Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation adheres to the needs of not just the households and small scale offices but it also caters to the enormous needs of huge corporate for switching power supply products like AC/DC switching units, power converters and many more devices. In the meantime, it has earned a good reputation and has built an unshakable trust with these huge corporate all over the world.
    Backed with a strong technical and customer support team, Yueqing Leyu Electric Automation is ever ready to deal with any kind of challenges that comes around in the market and definitely has the capability to tackle them and prove its mettle in the industry. So one can expect true value of money from us.

  • S/NES/LRS Series single output power supply
    Wattage: 15W-350W
    Features Protections:  Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
      Cooling by free air convection
                 LED indicator for power on
                 100% full load burn-in test

  • UPS Battery charger power supply
    Wattage: 35W-155W
    Features: Universal AC input / Full range
      Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
      Battery low  protections
      Cooling by free air convection
  • DC DC Converter
    Wattage: 15W-1000W
    Features: 1500VAC I/O isolation
      Built-in EMI filter, low ripple noise
      100% full load burn-in test
      Fixed switching frequency at 83 KHz
      24V and 48V input voltage design refer to LVD

  • PFC function power supply
    Wattage: 75W-500W
    Features: Universal AC input/ full range
      Built-in active PFC function
      100% full load burn-in test
      Fixed switching frequency at PFC: 7KHzPWM:134 KHz
  • Waterproof led driver
    Wattage: 12W-250W
    Features: 100~260VAC input only
      IP67 design 
      Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications 
      Protections: short circuit/overload/over voltage 
  • Maximum watt power supply
    Wattage: 800W-9000W
    Features: With output voltage and current screen 
      Output voltage and current is adjustable 
      Protection : short circuit /overload /over voltage

  • Din rail power supply (DR and MDR)
    Wattage: 15W-480W
    Features: Universal AC input/ full range
      Protections: Short circuit/ Over load/ Over voltage
      Cooling by free air convection
      Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15
      Built-in active PFC function
  • Multiple output(D. T .Q) power supply
    Wattage: 30W-180W
    Features: High efficiency, high reliability
      Protections: Short circuit/ Over load
      Universal AC input /full range
      Fixed switching frequency at 25 KHz
  • Ultrathin power supply
    Wattage: 35W-350W
    Features: AC input selected by switch
      No load power consumption <0.75w
      1U low profile :30mm 
      Protection : short circuit /overload /over voltage /over temp.


    >MS-15 >MS-35 >MS-50
  • CCTV power supply
    Features: Low price and high reliability
      105℃ output capacitor
      AC input power suitable for the world
      High efficiency and low operation temperature
      Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effectively
      With short -circuit and overload protection
      Compact size, light weight
      100% full-load burning test
      Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave
      2 years warranty


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